With over 30 Years of experience the Human and Technical Capital within Dynasys allows developing equipments, software and projects in different areas.

Tracking permanently the evolution of the base technologies, Dynasys is in position for responding updatedly to a wide range of challenges, serving the market with its holistic experience in developing and producing electronic based equipments, matching the specifications and characteristics demanded by the Customers.

INESC TEC is a private non-profit research association, with Public Interest status, dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies.

As an institution operating at the interface of the academic and business worlds, bringing closer together academia, companies, public administration, and society, INESC TEC typically applies the knowledge and results generated as part of its research in technology transfer projects, seeking value creation and immediate social relevance.


Founded in 1989 in Portugal, Petratex is a company that operates in several areas and that has acquired a leading position in the textile industry.

Petratex combines in itself unique concepts that integrate technology, scientific research, service, design and a talented team.

Petratex sharp business acumen and vast know-how allow us to supply a wide range of products to a global audience, within our main target markets: Fashion, Sport and High Tech Products.

The Red Cross Hospital, with more than 50 years of activity, is a national reference hospital unit not only for its clinical condition of recognized prestige in multiple specialties, but also for the culture of the organization built over decades of health care delivery.

The hospital is guided by a serious, humanistic and solidary clinical practice that always has the patient and his well-being, as the main focus of our activity.

Is mission is providing the best patient health care through the most prestigious technical and human means, based on rigor and the best clinical practice and they pretend to continue to be a pioneering unit in the provision of health care in the country and expanding to international markets.

The University Hospital Center of São João (CHUSJ) has the mission of providing the best health care, with high levels of competence, excellence and rigor, promoting pre and post-graduate training and research, always respecting the principle of humanization and promoting the pride and sense of belonging of all professionals.

The goal is to be an example in the provision of health care at national and international level, with a perspective of sustainable growth, commitment, sense of change and differentiation, ambitious the creation of value for all its audiences becoming the benchmark in the health sector.

Biodevices, Biomedical Engineering Systems, S.A. was established in 2007. Our mission is to develop, market and export Biomedical Engineering solutions to support medical diagnosis using R&D to address some of society’s most challenging health problems by creating innovative solutions and looking for new ways to reach out to as many people as possible.

Biodevices has as real commitment to permanent innovation and the continuous development of new products and services for the medical field and whose quality is systematically tested and with great success by our partners. who consider that their use adds value to their daily work.

It is with this essential support that Biodevices intends to act as an R & D organization specialized in solving real problems in the area of Health, developing concrete solutions combining cutting-edge technology and biomedicine focused on the well-being and comfort of users.

Vodafone Portugal is part of the Vodafone Group which is a leading technology communications company.  The purpose is to “connect for a better future” and their expertise and scale gives them a unique opportunity to drive positive change for society. 

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