Development of a technological platform consisting of a mobile system capable of collecting multiple vital signs as well as additional user data, which will be transmitted in time to database in order to monitor COVID-19 disease.


The Vital PROVID project emerges with the goal of developing a sensory solution to monitor patients within the scope of COVID-19 at different stages of the disease.

This solution will allow monitoring of vital signs that could be indicators of complications resulting from infection by SARS-CoV-2 or its treatment during the infection phase and after recovery, but also it will work in a preventive manner with the potential for early detection of the disease.

It will be a tool composed of a technological platform that includes a vital signs data acquisition system (temperature, EKG signal, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation), being these signals collected and transmitted in real time to the databases, whose datas will feed specific algorithms. 

The main areas defined in this solution were: 

a) Detection of the disease in the asymptomatic phase; 

b) Monitoring of COVID-19 patients from specific groups; 

c) Monitoring of recovered patients. 

This project includes the implementation of pilots and advisory support from partner entities, such as the Hospital da Cruz Vermelha and the Hospital São João.

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